Diving into India’s Indie Music Scene


On 21st of November 2021, as part of the Symbiosis Literary Fest, students had the wonderful opportunity of interacting with Sanyanth Naroth and Sharad Rao from the Indie-music band ‘Easy Wanderlings;’ and Tushar Mathur, an independent artist based in Bangalore. The panel discussion on ‘Finding New Audiences: The role of the internet in Indie music’ was hosted by Radhika Mohite and Darren D’Souza, the music duo comprising‘Feathers in Space’.

The ‘Easy Wanderlings,’ an Indie band of eight, commenced their musical journey in 2015 with the released of their debut album, “As Written in the Stars,” followed by an EP (Extended Play)  featuring a couple of tracks. Tushar Mathur, a music lover since high school, has released several singles and also co-founded ‘Lazy Frenzy Music,’ a platform created to help expand the reach of music and musicians through specifically curated playlists in different genres of music. ‘Feathers in Space,’ a duo formed in 2016 in the classrooms of Symbiosis’ Viman Nagar campus, released their first EP in 2018.

Easy Wanderlings

Along with a plethora of other tips from industry experts, the interaction also included how TikTok plays a vital role in the growth and reach of artists, thanks to its algorithm of reaching out to more viewers and listeners. This led way to the discussion of how artists in India are missing out on opportunities due to the ban on TikTok. Subsequently, the session diverged into how marketing on social media ensures a larger audience.

According to Tushar Mathur, a way to approach the issue of monetizing art is by conducting classes individually or through your media platforms as a way of income and investing the same in music promotions.

Tushar Mathur

The growth of bedroom producers and the subjectiveness of perceiving music quality were also discussed. For the ‘Easy Wanderlings,’ growth and entry into the elite music industry often depended on the quality of content that is put out for consumption. They also emphasized the importance of collaborations in the social media age, and its role in breaking borders while reaching to a much diverse audience.

The importance of self-promotion to ensure a better audience was highlighted as Tushar Mathur talked about how he conducted a giveaway before one of his singles released to ensure better traction with his audience. The session concluded with several questions from the students being answered, including about the steps involved in music production, maintaining social media platforms as an artist, and exploring genres of music. The session was absolutely delightful and incredibly insightful for artists looking forward to growing their musical careers.

by P.S.Niranjana

(Batch 2024)

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