It’s the perfect example of breaking the chains of mainstream education and definitely the common perception that everyone holds about a media college and its students.

The most positive aspect of my journey through the first semester at Symbiosis Centre for Media And Communication has been the learning, making mistakes and then re-learning. Basically, paving my way through all the obstacles repeatedly and getting clarity about everything and anything.

During the orientation, the college had shown us a video of how we think SCMC is going to be and how it actually is. The joke is on me because I remember laughing it off.

First thing you will notice when you walk down an SCMC corridor as a student will be the culture of this place. It is one that you have never witnessed before this. A boy sitting in middle of the corridor playing a guitar as if to give me background music with at least 4 other people sounding just as good as an acapella group. At the same time the girl next to him tries to synchronise her classical dance with his western tune while at least 3 other people take videos of them in the most creative manner possible. When was the last time you came across so many talents in one sight?

I really love how its helping me go through all the trial and error process of discovering myself. Media Content Review tests give me a reality check but at the same time Triveni Ma’am’s beautiful encouragement does not let the lows get to me. Hence, I would say that the best thing about SCMC that I’ve realised in the first semester is the fact that you simple cannot group it in one category as the other colleges. It is a world of its own. It makes sure that we do not lose the enthusiasm that we possessed in our junior colleges and still work as hard for everything.

When I was in my school, the authorities laid emphasis on the importance of a school which consistently took initiatives to make us work productively and hard. They also told us that that was something we wouldn’t find in colleges. But luckily, I found one where they do.


Article by: Arya Patil (Batch 2019)

Photograph by:  Hari Ramanathan (Batch 2019)