We’re all very different in our own ways, that’s what categorizes us into the same type of breed- the ”different” ones

The last time I wrote about my experiences in SCMC, I penned down my thoughts about accepting change around me and within myself. I wrote about how I dealt with the consequences of the breaking of my “safe bubble” that existed when I was in school.
Today, I have completed half of my undergraduate college life. A lot has definitely changed – courses, friends, teachers and well, myself. The corridors of this college, the unpredictability of Pune’s rains, the will to perform and the atmosphere of art have been my constants.

Being amongst individuals who wish the same thing as you do can be intimidating. There is always a competitive streak, always the wish to perform better than the other. If this thought is bred negatively and intensifies with time, it can result in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Thankfully I did not undergo such states of being, however, there were phases when I did doubt myself, felt I could do better.

An experience at college helped me look at the brighter side of things.

SCMC exposes us to the industry through five internship programs. Everyone was back from their second Development Sector internship, more enriched as an individual overall. Every-one was given an opportunity to present their experiences to the class. Throughout this process as each one came forth and honestly spoke about their episodes, each one of us could relate to one another.

If one spoke about creating a graphic or a brochure design, we felt the same pride and happiness as the creator, as we understood the amount of hard work and the creative process that goes with it. If another person spoke about her idea being accepted by her boss, we all felt jubilant, together! If someone expressed how they got restless when there was no work, we understood her state of mind as we are all so used to being bustling and busy. On the other hand if someone was given a lot of work to complete in a day, we could relate strongly to that as well.

It was in that moment that it struck me.
We’re all very different in our own ways, that’s what categorizes us into the same type of breed – the “different” ones.
We have different ways to approach our work, relationships and life, but the common factor of art that is our driver and the respect we have for our art is what helps us understand each other’s trials, tribulations and sweet victories. This unifies us.
We all can succeed, not by pulling someone else down, but by serving as an enabler of positive thoughts and motivators. This perspective can apply to life too and shall help us in the times to come.

I happily believe in this thought and the power of it enables my friends and me to spread positivity wherever we go!

Article By-Samah Kochhar (Batch of 2019)

Photograph By- Anonymous