Desks, Drawers and Drafts

In juxtaposition to the overly packed and adrenaline-charged first week that was, its following counterpart turned out to be relatively laid back. More or less on the desk, the primitive work revolved entirely around on reviving an old organization newsletter that hadn’t come out with an edition for the past eight years & focusing on organizing the upcoming World Red Cross Day that was supposed to take place on 8th May.

Reading old editions, understanding the contents and what precisely the newsletter entailed, interviewing people, documentation by my own self, and taking/processing photographs were the work I primarily undertook.

In the midst of all the exercise, I got a better mental hold of the work the organization does and has done in the course of all the years, the immensely fruitful records that have been and the beautiful prospects for the future.

Having been the former editor-in-chief of my school magazine did contribute and aid in gigantic proportions to me with the arrangement and accumulation of the content- which was not a cakewalk as such, but still relatively easier. The layout and the designing I learned at college helped multi-fold. The cover page photograph and its correction and necessary approvals were also done by me, and of course the skill: learned and polished at the college itself.

While the final draft is still on its way, the first draft was prepared (with major delays at the administration levels) in a week. Final edits etc are supervised and undertaken by the secretary of the organization. With our focus now chiefly on the big day coming, we (considering myself a part of the lovely little organization here) are excited and looking forward to what change and contribution we can bring into the society, and how to put our ideas further in the society.

Rounak Bhat
(Batch 2021)