At the end of it, we had had our share of both, work and play

To be honest, at the news of it, I was pretty surprised that we were going on a field trip from Symbiosis Centre for Mass & Communication that seemingly did not hold any educational purpose. But I was wrong. The college had planned a meet with the makers of the dome where they gave us insights on how each and every ride in the theme park was constructed and what kind of technicalities were needed for the workings. One of the ‘rides’ they took us on was the Incredible India indoor show which was an amazing AV experience.

After this we were taken to a height where we could eat at their dining halls before the other rides commenced. The first ride we went onto was called the Rajasaurus where the ride started off as a calm and peaceful journey through the land of the dinosaurs but proceeded with sudden steepness. It was almost a freefall drop into the water which took my breath and will to sit on any other ride away.

The next one was Nitro, a roller-coaster with almost no waiting time and perhaps one of the craziest rides in the premises. The fact that it was a short 2 minute ride was a relief but I wanted more of it.

The Dare 2 Drop ride was what we thought would be a buffer between the two most extreme rides, the Nitro and the Scream Machine. Little did we know that this short up-and-down ride would get our heartbeats audible even amidst the screams.

The last ride was the ‘Scream Machine’ which actually lives up to its name. The ride looks very much like a pendulum that apart from swinging from side-to-side, it also revolves like a top.

I really liked the field trip because it was unlike all the others. At the end of it, we had had our share of both, work and play. The day ended in exhaustion with students looking forward to a good night’s sleep. But at whatever cost, I would like to say that it was one of my best field trips and everything was completely worth it.

Article by: Tanmai Hemant Markand (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by: Tanmai Hemant Markand (Batch of 2018)