Creating and Ideating with the Best in the Business

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” – Elmore Leonard

A successful career in Media can only be achieved when we strike a balance between learning and experiencing; SCMC alumni stand as solid proof for this. The newcomers from Batch 2023 had the privilege of being addressed by Ms. Rujuta Khanapurkar, Copywriter, Kinnect, and an alumnus of SCMC Batch 2019. Ms. Khanapurkar, a successful Copywriter and active storyteller, devoted the hour-long lecture to explaining Content Creation and Ideation to the students in attendance.

Ms. Khanapurkar began with a warm and friendly introduction, telling the students that she was here to share her personal industry experience with them, as well as to take them through a creative experience. Emphasizing on the former, she talked about how copywriting attracted her because she loves being creative and is a passionate storyteller in both formal and informal settings. She encouraged the students to hone their storytelling skills if they enjoy practicing it even as a pastime- it can lead to several career opportunities.

By providing references to several popular ads from companies like Swiggy and Happydent, Ms. Khanapurkar talked about the importance of a strong script and relevant inspiration to ensure that an Ad Campaign runs smoothly and successfully. She mentioned that creative visualisation for any idea can only work out if one is not tone-deaf towards what they are promoting. One brilliant example which stood out from her presentation was a parallel which was drawn between an advertisement for COVID-19 prevention techniques by a government body, and a completely contrasting advertisement prepared by the beer company Heineken- while both talked about being aware and secure to prevent COVID-19 outbreak, the latter stood out in its ability to captivate its audience. This showed how Heineken was able to successfully identify tone-deaf areas of a possibly boring advert on something everyone already knows, and transformed it into something heart-warming and relatable.

The other half of her presentation was an interactive activity session with the attendees, as Ms. Khanapurkar gave fun ideas on content ideation and how they are bound to sell in the market. One such activity was on linking the footwear brand ‘Converse’ with the Navratri festival to promote subject-based branding; some of the ideas given by students included linking differently-coloured Converse shoes to the 9 days of the Indian festival and creating a cinematograph where every other element remains static, but the colourful Converse showcase their vibrant shades like fairy-lights in a Diwali advert. Ms. Khanapurkar widely appreciated these brilliant ideas suggested by students, and also gave them some tips on how they can be refined. She also advised budding copywriters and advertisers to embrace the embarrassing; while we are always told to look for inspiration outside the box, often we can find it within the box- maybe even within our own families! Ms. Khanapurkar also presented a few Thumbstoppers by Facebook, talking about how a very short story is being shown in a few seconds yet remains impactful. She also discussed some of the students’ ideas related to this.

In the QnA session, she gave tips on how to tackle writer’s block- instead of overthinking and trying harder, one should simply minimize the task in their head and work on something completely opposite. She also suggested an advertisement website called ‘Deck of Brilliance’ which students can visit to draw inspiration. Ms. Khanapurkar ended the session by advising students to always keep working and never give up, no matter what hurdles come in their way. She told them to try out everything possible and eliminate what they don’t like- this can help them eventually land on whatever they love to do. Her handy tips and inspirational words were surely a guiding light in the right direction for those willing to try their luck in copywriting and advertising.

Maansi Anand
(Batch 2023)