CONTENT: There’s More to it than Meets the Eye


The second-year students at SCMC got the opportunity to attend an online session on Content Management with experienced investigative journalist, Ms. Chandrani Banerjee on the fifth of August. Having worked for nearly two decades and having investigated famous cases like the Kedarnath flash floods, the 2G scam, etc. Ms. Banerjee has a lot of accolades to her name.

She began the session by asking the students about themselves, and why they had chosen the Marketing Communication stream. Following this was an interactive session with many questions and answers thrown from either side including queries about investigative journalism as a career, the value of content development and much more.

The students learnt about many things about the world of Public Relations and its connection to Journalism and also discussed tough topics such as the ethics of a career in PR. Ms. Banerjee took on various examples from her personal repertoire such as recalling the instance of having to report on the flash floods at the time of her birthday thereby teaching the students about the occupational hazards that come with working in the media business. She also however mentioned, that if one is allowed to pursue the career they choose, they will be happy regardless of the troubles they may face.

Ms. Banerjee also spoke about the various types of content management and how it isn’t limited to just articles, videos, etc. but also included press conferences, advertorials and many other types that students hadn’t thought of before. Taking instances from current events as well, she discussed with the students on how to tackle various issues, from the case of Rhea Chakraborty to even advertisement scenarios including Philips Razor, UrbanClap and YouTube advertisements.

The session was definitely interesting and intense, making the students discuss and debate many topics and engaging them with the various types of content management across their different career options. It made them question and analyse the pros and cons of different types of content, theorise different scenarios and learn how to deal with them as well as find out the inside scoop of the life of an investigative journalist.


Deepta Jairaj

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