Clicks to Capture

SCMC handpicks its courses from various fields of study which combine to make a great pedagogy. It certainly is one of the most significant perks that SCMC has to offer, consequently there’s almost never a boring day at campus.

Photography is one such course that is offered during the foundation year, students are taught the basics of photography with the use of theory and practical lessons. Students without cameras are allowed to borrow equipment from the photography laboratory which gives everyone a fair chance to hone their skills.

One student, who actively pursues photography as an interest is Rayyan Khan. As a young girl, she would often borrow her mother’s iPhone to take pictures of various paraphernalia. Graduating from pictures of grocery to convincing her younger sister to model for her, she has always viewed the camera lens as her personal diary, documenting memories through her phone. Combined with her love for travelling, photography helped her express her creative side and carry along a piece of the stories that she experienced. Having visited places all over the world, here are a few images that tell her tale.

Anyone who has spent time in Pune knows that it’s a whimsical city, full of quirks and surprises in normalcy. This image so perfectly captured that moment during one of her usual Sunday routine with her grandmother to the Poolgate Bazaar.


Patrika Gate & City Palace Jaipur

Yet another special trip for Rayyan, this was one of the first trips that she took with her best friend. She says that the stunning architecture, elegant aesthetic and the memories with her friend had a lasting impact on her.


The best kind of art is one that comes to you even when you’re not searching for it. Especially when you find it basking in the sun, unnoticed by most but still glorious. A walk along Pushkar, Ajmer gave Rayyan these picturesque houses, untouched by the change in time, preserved in the narrow streets.


Fate works in mysterious ways, and sometimes even in your favour. In a foreign city, while being lost in the rain might not sound ideal, it brought her this moment, where she witnessed a vibrant double rainbow. Had she not been trying to find her way to a café in Istanbul, she’d have missed this opportunity. Even if the food didn’t turn out amazing, this view certainly made up for it.


Another picture taken in Jaipur, this has a rather hilarious story, although at the time it garnered fear. Taken at the Monkey Temple, this image is one of the very few she was able to take as the monkeys were quite aggressive, coming after her gear. For fear of losing her precious phone to the imps, yet determined to capture the memory, this picture was definitely worth the hassle.


A relatable struggle for all photographers is that of finding the perfect shot. This picture was yet another endeavor for the same where Rayyan trekked up a mountain solely for the view, the frame captured even more precious alongside the sweat it wringed out.


London, a city where the antique and the renewed mingle daily. This picture tells a story of love. A bunch of love locks that people from all over the world put there with their loved ones, along with great promises. The police get rid of them every week and yet they continue to spring anew, persistent.


And finally, a classic picture. No trip to London is complete without voicing your captivation for the telephone booths. Having been fascinated by these from a young age, Rayyan made sure to phone her grandmother all the way in Pune just to satisfy her fascination. The picture reminds her of yet another memory that she now carries around with her, and a phone call like no other.

Deepta Jairaj
(Batch 2022)