It was a moment of composure and flair in equal measure.

Since my early days of schooling, I always had an affinity towards street football. Don’t get me wrong, I love field football, but I find street football to be more artful. For In True Spirit, 2016 (SCMC’s annual sports competition) the sports heads of the batch called me out to the futsal field next to the basketball court.

I thought to myself – a concrete ground, aw yeah! I knew it was going to be tough, but I would certainly do my best.

As soon as we started playing, we realized that the traction on concrete is a game changer. “It is all about the bounce,” I said, feeling myself already in cruise control of the game. Having played lawn tennis, table tennis, and basketball, I knew a thing or two about the complications of surfaces and the varied frictions associated with them. So, I easily figured it out within 10 minutes. I felt really proud that I was the only player on the pitch who was not fumbling with the ball. Even after a gap of four months, I had not lost my touch.

Needless to say, my tryout went well. The best moment of it all was when I scored a solo goal – I was defending, and I had received a back pass. With a lot of space to run into, my attacking instincts took charge and I drove forward, cutting through six players to score a goal. The most spectacular part of the goal which my teammates still bring up at every game was when I took a bad touch and lost the ball, but as it rolled away I stuck out a foot and gave it a back-flick. The ball gracefully arced over the last defender and bounced into the goalpost!

That was not only one of my best moments in college, but in my time playing football too. It was a moment of composure and flair in equal measure, as I danced across the concrete and scored a beautiful goal – a selfish goal, but graceful.


Article by: Ashrit Vaidya (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by: Panchsheel Gaikwad (Batch of 2019)