I have been working as a faculty for History, Philosophy & Political Science with Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication (SCMC) for the last seven years and have researched and lectured extensively on these subjects. All of this has helped me immensely in compiling this book, which even though a work of fiction, is based on extensive research.

The biggest U.S.P of this novel is that it centers around an absolutely unique idea of having “Time”, play the role of the protagonist. What if “time” gains sentience and becomes aware of its own existence? The story speaks of how “time” has sought to manipulate others, throughout human history, into replacing itself.

The book kicks off in 3067 B.C. in a small Himalayan Village, where a primitive society is suddenly visited by a mysterious being, who claims to be from the far flung future and who possesses forbidden knowledge. This being, through his interactions manages to generate enough curiosity among the villagers to get one of them to fall for the ultimate trap. Little do the villagers realize that this being is “time” itself, and thus set off a cycle of deception and deceit that flows through human civilization, from the remote past….through world war II….and even into the distant future.

Throughout the novel are exotic and graphic descriptions of locations and events across the world that form part of the narrative. The entire novel is divided into six ‘episodes’, with the entire plot coming together at the end.

Episode One focuses on the events in 3067 BC, where the story kicks off, with an epic deception of an age old society.

Episode two is a flash forward to events in 3000 AD, and the far future, when Planet Earth faces an apocalyptic Invasion, from across the Galaxy that offers some key evidence into the concept of “Chronux”.

Episode Three, Four and Five describe a desperate and thrilling  expedition undertaken by Nazi Germany to Tibet, in 1939. in search of the Lost City of Shambhala. Through this, a fictional Nazi researcher delves into Hindu, Buddhist and Occult mysticism in the search for lost technologies of the ancient world, little realizing that he is being sucked into the greatest quagmire of all time!

Episode Six is where all the threads come together, in the year 1945, when an impossible experiment to control “time” goes horribly wrong and the phenomenon called “Chronux” is finally revealed. In this section, I have created a complete and absolutely unique scientific explanation that will end up redefining how we look at time.

The book ends on a shocking note, when the reader, having gone through the novel, suddenly realizes that he/she has been part of the story all along!!!


Sagar Kamath

The same is now available on Amazon! [ISBN: 978-93-86487-01-8]