Caught in Between


It’s a perfect monsoon to brood over the past and write about it while sipping a cup of chai.  Don’t we all have experiences that helped us blossom into new flowers facing the sun?

I sit here peacefully imagining the past where I had my first lesson of friendship, my first lesson of trust, my first lesson of betrayal, my first lesson of prioritising the wrong things or people, and my first lesson of procrastination (not that I have learnt this one completely, to be honest)… And all these lessons involve me making mistakes.

The right to make mistakes should be a fundamental right as our life’s most valuable lessons are learnt by them— and childhood should be the safest place to make mistakes! Now, I, being indecisive, can’t choose which one of my many lessons to jot down in words. So instead, I chose to write down what I just learned thinking about these lessons. Yeah, so it’s quite fresh!

It is our history that describes what we have become. We always define what we have become and what we want to become – our inspirations and our aspirations. Rarely, people talk about what they are in their present.

Why can’t I just be known by what I am in my moment – the moment I most feel alive? The moment where past lessons and future lessons are at bay. It’s just me in silence.

Probably your present self can’t be described in words because it’s just silent learning! Somewhere between a ‘past’ bud and a ‘future’ flower – we all are caught in the millisecond ‘present’ of growing.

Himanshi Marwah
(Batch 2023)


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