Behind the Scenes


On October 9, 2020, the batch of 2021’s journalism and audio-visual students had a lecture on film writing and criticism conducted by Mr. Faizal Khan. Mr. Khan is a devoted cinephile, having lived his life in the world of film. He has attended many film festivals and screenings and has a keen eye for anything cinema.

Mr. Khan warmly welcomed the class to his session. He started off by wowing those in attendance by showing a replica lunchbox he received during the world premiere of The Lunchbox. He stated that India was, is and will always be a land of stories. Stories are told through many ways, and one of them is through films. Writing about films and cinema should be rooted in the principles of journalism, namely fairness, impartiality and upholding the truth.

He gave an overview of various types of films and some of the traits they possess. He talked about Indian feature films, documentary films, short films and web series and gave appropriate examples for each. He went on to state that due of the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread all over the world, we have a golden opportunity to discover films and web series that otherwise wouldn’t have made it to screens.

He then shifted the topic to film festivals. He mentioned that film festivals showcase opportunities to see the perspectives of other countries’ cinema culture. He also pointed out that film festivals are now opening their doors for students to showcase their films. He then proceeded to talk about film preservation. Classics are an integral part of the history of cinema, but over time, the chances of them surviving are slim, so we need to preserve them for future generations to see. Lots of technology and money is used for the process. After a brief Q&A session, Mr. Khan concluded his lecture.

All in all, a fun and enriching session that offered a glimpse behind the scenes, for real.


Pranav Unnikrishnan
(Batch 2021)

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