Batch 2024 Begins Basketball with a Resounding Victory


Batch 2024 sprang a surprise on Batch 2022 at the annual ‘In True Spirit’ basketball tournament on April 28th at the Symbiosis Law School court. They outperformed the team from Batch 2022 and displayed their basketball prowess on the court

All eyes were on star players Sartaj Sekhon and Armaan Gupta, who dominated the court in each quarter and kept the audience at the edge of their seats. Captains Dishha Prasad and Armaan Gupta maintained their calm and composure even in the face of stiff competition from their counterparts Siddhi Satpathy and Kanishk Joshipura of Batch 2022. Mansi Adya and Jigish Choudhary of 2024 were the team’s backbone, with their unbreakable defense that the opponents failed to get through.

The 2022 Basketball team appeared to be eye-to-eye with Batch 2024 at first. However, they started falling behind as the game progressed. Siddhi Satpathy kept the hopes of the 2022 team alive, as just when they thought were behind, she managed to dribble in and put the ball through the hoop scoring needed points for her team, surely becoming a force to be reckoned with. Although, Batch 2022 slowed down by the third quarter losing its momentum.

Batch 2024 dominated with scores like 8-4 in the first quarter, 14-9 in the second quarter, 23-9 in the third, and 26-14 in the fourth quarter, claiming each of the four quarters by a wide margin.

The SLS court roared with praise and applause for both the 2024 and 2023 basketball teams as their fellow batchmates came in to show their love and support for their teams. Their swiftness in play and attitude managed to make the audience laugh, cheer, and cry with their favourite teams tonight.

When asked the winning team’s captain Armaan Gupta about his thoughts on the match, he said, “Easy win, didn’t even lose sleep over it.” On the other hand, the captain of Batch 2022, Kanishk Joshipura quoted, “We played really hard, but this was uncharted territory and anything could have happened.


Alifiya Kazi
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)