Batch 2024- A saga of determination, grit, and enthusiasm!


Q1. Sports are back in SCMC after a break. How does it feel that ITS is happening?

Shivika: After two years of staying locked up in our homes because of COVID, it feels great to be a part of this huge-scale sports event at SCMC.

Shivansh: COVID led to everything going online for so long. Still, the problem is that you can study online but not indulge in sports events. It feels good to see that sports and physical fitness are finally getting the importance they deserve through ITS.

Sartaj: It feels ecstatic to play competitively again after a long time. Students have brought the open courts and grounds back to life and are trying to get better day by day to ensure their Batch wins!


Q2. What makes ITS 2022 special for you?

Shivika: ITS 2022 is special because it’s the first college event I am organizing. I really can’t wait for it to become a success.

Shivansh: ITS 2022 is extremely special for me because this is my first college event.

Sartaj: ITS 2022 is special for me because, being an FY student, this is the first sports event that is taking place in SCMC for me.


Q3. What do you think of your Batch’s chances of winning the title?

Shivika: The enthusiasm that batch 2024 has is immense. I think there is a high chance of my Batch emerging victorious!

Shivansh: I believe that the teams of all the batches are strong, and there is tough competition, so it is difficult to say which Batch has a high chance of winning.

Sartaj: Being a part of 24, I can say one thing surely: Be it victory or defeat, our “josh” stays the same! We have been practising to win, and the thought of failure doesn’t cross our minds. I am confident of our chances of winning.


Q4. What are some of the difficulties you faced while organizing the event, given this is your first year handling a sports event in college?

Shivika: It becomes difficult to coordinate, as everyone is preoccupied with different tasks. We also have had to juggle with limited resources; however, we have managed everything to the best of our abilities.

Q5. Do you think the participants from Batches 2022 and 2023 will have the upper hand in the event?

Sartaj: I don’t think it makes a difference, as our Batch has strengths and weaknesses. We are continuously working to enhance our skills, and we have a cohort of talented individuals. We are determined to win ITS this year, anyhow.

ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)