Batch 2022 think second time is the charm!


Q1. Sports is back at SCMC after a break. How does it feel that ITS is happening?

Sayanta – This feels surreal! With the kind of impact the gruelling pandemic had on sports, executing ITS was a distant dream. But now that we are moments away, it feels quite emotional. The excitement levels are high and we are ecstatic to be back.

Mahika – It feels like there never was any pandemic to begin with! Seeing everyone at practice during the evenings is such a treat. It is as if we are back to normal, picking up where we left off. Now that ITS is back, we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Tanaya – We’ve been dreaming about organising ITS since our first year and now, it’s finally happening. The entire Sports Council has given it their all and I really hope it shows on the day of the event as well.

Q2. We started strong in ITS 2020 but lost steam as the event progressed. What do you think went wrong?

Sayanta – The experience factor is always key in sports. Batch 2020 and 2021 had truckloads of experience playing ITS. I have always said that to win, you need your temperament in place. I feel we lacked the temperament and we could not hold our nerves during crunch situations. We lost the plot in all the sports played at SLS, which resulted in us not being able to perform well in the latter half of ITS.

Mahika – Sports is about technique, skill and also a little bit of luck. Apart from this, the adrenaline can make you play better or worse than you actually do. Sometimes the nerves just get to you. During ITS 2020, we had zero experience or awareness about how competitive it gets. Two years later, we’ve learned more about the sports, have a clearer idea about how ITS runs and of course, how to tackle pressured situations in a better way. Last time we were rookies, this time we’re seniors. Things are going to be different now!

Q3.  The batch of 2022 missed out on their second chance at redemption due to Covid.  Does that contribute in any way to the added desire to leave this year as champions?

Mahika – Absolutely! COVID-19 was a let down! We tried to even conduct ITS online, but the real feeling is in physical mode. And finally, here we are. We’ve waited for this for two long years, I’m sure no one’s going to graduate wholeheartedly without giving a good fight to our juniors in ITS. With true sporting spirits running around the courts, we cannot wait for ITS to begin and seek redemption at our fest.

Tanaya – Of course it does! The desire to win ITS has been there since 2020. This year, it has turned into a need, into a kind of hunger. Since this will be the last event of our academic year, we want to leave as champions.

Q4. What makes ITS 2022 special for you?

Sayanta – A lot of things make ITS 2022 special for us. From just enjoying and taking up small responsibilities in FY to actually taking guard and organizing the entire ITS, the change has been humongous. We also managed to convince all the higher authorities into having ITS. This means a lot to us all.

Mahika – From being guided as juniors to guiding our juniors, we have made it full circle. We are ticking everything off every requirement in our checklist without any hassles. Last year in college, last year with our teams, basically last year for everything. If not now, then when?

Tanaya – We’ve planned this event at least 3 times before and now it is finally happening. Organizing an entire event by ourselves and introducing the juniors to the ITS culture is a feeling that I can’t put into words. This one’s special, this one’s for 22!

Q5. What do you think of your batch’s chances of winning the title? 

Sayanta – We do have a realistic chance of winning ITS and the players are oozing with confidence. But it is equally important for us to not be complacent. It is imperative for us to stick to our basics and just enjoy the sport and the event.

Tanaya – We have a fair chance of winning this year. We have played as a team before and that, as I said only acts as an added advantage. However, the other two have skills and determination that are truly commendable. Whatever the result may be, I’m sure it is going to be a tough competition. I only look at the ITS legacy that we are leaving behind with the juniors.

ITS Content Team
(Batch 2022)