Au Revoir Batch 2021


On 11th December 2021, the valedictory ceremony for Batch 2021 celebrated the academic journey of the batch with awards for academic excellence and felicitations for leadership and outstanding performances of different specialisations. As the occasion called for, it was an emotional trip down memory lane. Despite the distance, the screen was filled with smiling faces of the freshly-minted ‘alumni.’ The theme, Bollywood Train Journeys, was aptly chosen for the batch whose life had been full of uncertainties during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The ceremony started off with departmental heads (HoDs) fondly remembering the students’ time in the college. Deputy Director Liji Ravindran took pride in Batch 2021’s achievement of the marking the beginning of a new era by setting the bar of creative work remarkably high. For Advertising HoD Snehal Galande, students’ exemplary efforts towards creating the e-magazine, VIGYAP, along with ad filmmaking, were commendable. Dr. Baidurya Chakrabarti (AudioVisual HoD) congratulated the students on smoothly transitioning to the online teaching mode; and Head of the Journalism Department, Mr. Amitabh Dasgupta reminded the batch to keep visiting the college to share their valuable experiences. 

Next, the Director of SCMC, Dr. Sreeram Gopalkrishnan, addressed the alumni. He focused on the importance of articulation and how SCMC has always been a space where “tough” questions are regularly asked. He acknowledged the batch for maintaining the tradition of constantly vocalizing their opinions and arguments and not settling without a solution.

Dr. Gopalkrishnan also thanked the Batch 2021 for giving the college its many firsts, such as establishing SCMC’s first Student Council; organizing the first cultural fest, Satrang, and the first inter-college sports event, In True Spirits. He, then, awarded various students based on three categories: academic brilliance, leadership, and excellence in the specialization. 

The Valedictorian, Vasudha Chatterjee, was invited to address the meeting as the ceremony’s highlight. Looking back at her journey, she expressed her delight at how far she had come. She ended her speech by reading an enchanting poetry piece called “Horizon,” which talked about advancing from one quest of life to another, while remembering the lessons and memories of past adventures, a very apt piece for the evening.  

Suryansh Tomar, the former head of the Student Council, emphasized the importance of learning from peers and talking to people from different cultures and fields of interest to widen perspectives. 

Thereafter, an engaging and entertaining game was organized by the students of Batch 2022. The alumni had to assign one of their batchmates a Bollywood movie character who best impersonated them in real life! 

As the ceremony ended, the air was intense with emotions and nostalgia sneaked in as the alumni bid adieu to their professors and juniors.

‘College journeys may end, but relationships do not!’ 

Batch 2021 will forever have a special place in everyone’s hearts because of their sheer dedication, contribution, and phenomenal efforts to uphold the values and traditions of SCMC. Their legacy shall certainly be carried on by subsequent batches for decades to come. 

Kashish Nagwani

(Batch 2024)