Apna Time in Lockdown

Give me free Internet and food and I shall stay in a room for a lifetime.

 This is what some people used to say before. Well, the world actually functions like this from the past few days and guess what, it is not at all easy for us to survive like that.

Apart from cleaning the house, cooking and sleeping for I don’t know how many hours, we are still left with plenty of time to do something or the other. So here I am, telling you what I am doing in lockdown and how time passes when you put your heart and soul into something.

So there is one book written by Harsha Bhogle about cricket; Out of the Box. This book throws light on some of the most amazing cricketing moments in the history of the game. Then I went on to an amazing Marathi book. Mangesh Padgaokar is one of the most celebrated and read Marathi Poets. He has written a sarcastic book which includes poems which are sarcastically based on Dasbodh and is named as Udasbodh. Then I shift my focus to another interesting book; Dongri to Dubai written by Hussain Zaidi. The book describes the 60 years of Mafias in Mumbai.

Each and every board game has regained its importance during the lockdown. I love to play carrom and for improving your skill, this is the perfect time. I play a lot of carrom with my father and trust me it is the best time killer. No matter how you play, the game of 29 points definitely keeps the clock ticking. Cards are always the 1st option when you want to enjoy with your family.

To be honest, there comes a time when you just cannot sit among other people. You need ‘your’ space and ‘your’ time. So when I feel the same, I hear some songs or watch some series online. Writing about sports has always been my passion and I write for the website “SportsBeatsIndia”.

You can check my work at www.sportsbeatsindia.com  I have also created Quizzes related to Indian Sports and Sports Players. Play the Quizzes at https://sportsbeatsindia.com/quiz/

One thing which we always fail to do is talk to our loved ones, apologise for the mistakes we have done and sort things out. In this lockdown, I tried to take efforts and have nice conversations with the people I care about and with the people who care about me. We TRY to take out time from our busy schedule for our loved ones. But now, the situation has given us ample time to spend FOR our loved ones. We cannot be with them physically but we can call them, ask about their life and tell  that you are important to me.

This lockdown is not just a relief to the nature but for our mind, heart and soul too. Take care of yourself, do things you couldn’t do when in the busy schedule and help your parents in household works. This free time won’t come back ever.

Stay safe! Stay Home!

Atharva Agashe
(Batch 2022)