I never had the best assignment but I was improving at my own pace

Studying at Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication comes with its own baggage of insecurities, struggles and pressures. There has always been a constant need to perform better. Since the first day, we have been trying our hardest to score well and learn as much as we can from this cornucopia of knowledge.

As a person who was not very well versed with art and design, my proficiency in the course “Introduction to Aesthetics and Visual Communication” was quite limited. There were students all around me who could churn out a beautiful assignment at the beck of a call. However, not being an artsy person, I struggled.

But, as the days progressed and I paid more and more attention to Ms. Milinda Natu’s lectures, I started understanding that art and design can be learned. Creativity is not a matter of talent, but hard work and determination. Although she was very strict, I started looking forward to her lectures, as I would get to learn something new in every single one of her classes. The assignments that used to scare me were now something I started looking forward to.

It was Milinda Ma’am’s way of turning complicated jargon into simple words that made me love her subject so much. She would never lead you to the answer; rather she would let you come to it on your own. As days progressed, I started scoring a lot better in her assignments. I never had the best assignment but I was improving at my own pace.

After three semesters, Ms. Milinda Natu has come back to take up another course with us and I can’t wait to learn more from her. Every single class leaves you with a changed perspective and that, in my opinion, is the best kind of learning.

Article by: Yamini Srivastava (Batch of 2019)

Photography by: Akhil Reddy (Batch of 2019)