I felt my average was enough to push me through, giving birth to a sense of contentment that I thought was the upper limit.

Before coming to SCMC, I had a set of thought processes I abided by, and assumptions about how people, college and I should be – a perception with which I viewed not only the environment around me, but more importantly, myself.

I have always been an extrovert, so interacting with all kinds of people was not new for me. But the socializing (if I may call it so) at school, felt superficial compared to some real talks at college with people I never normally would have had. There is the regular “hi” and “bye”; but I am clearer in my head as to whom I can count on, and who I will be there for at college.

Now that I recollect, I was immature initially. I was too limited by the boundaries that I had created for myself, which I presumed had been set by the people around me, for me.

Looking at the cultural event, Vaividhya-
I had always been keen to showcase my interest in the performing arts. Getting too excited, I decided to participate in five categories of a single event! One day before the show, I felt exhausted, certain that I’d fail in execution. But once my performances ended, with the amount of cheers from all three batches, my friends by my side and the sheer bliss of just being on stage, it felt like a successful day. I even won a prize for my solo drama performance – that definitely served as a reassurance to my hard work.

I guess I was undermining myself before this. Not in the sense that I was under confident about myself, but the fact that I was not pushing myself. I felt my average was enough to push me through, giving birth to a sense of contentment that I thought was the upper limit.

Having been a science student before this, all the courses I studied were a new start. Aesthetics, Economics and History greatly engrossed me. However, one particular course, Marketing, by far interested me the most.The unlimited satisfaction I received when I sat on the first bench and answered Nirupama Ma’am’s questions was the equivalent of biting into a rich, dark, and luscious chocolate cake.

No doubt, I expected people and situations to change soon. But it would be hypocritical to  not believe that I was changing too, that I was reacting, thinking, and creating differently. I held it against myself and perceived it as negative – I now wonder why.

After the experience of the first semester of SCMC, I believe I have moved on from being extremely dependent on others, and started believing in my own capabilities and trusting myself more.

The SCMC life is chaotic and hectic, but I am happy as I am very comfortable in this chaos. I know where to find my solace- in myself.

Thank you SCMC, you never stop surprising!


Article by: Samah Kochhar (Batch of 2019)

Photograph by: Anonymous