A Trip to Remember

Beginnings are mostly, if not always, complemented by dicey situations and a lot of anxiety. For as long as I can remember I’ve been dreaming of a solo road trip with my own vehicle.

I’ll begin right from the start. I bought a second hand motorbike which rode smooth only six months back. I had told my parents that this was going to be my getaway vehicle for when I would lose myself to the stress of the city and college. At this time my parents couldn’t have known I would go on a 3000 Kms solo road trip just 4 months after getting the bike.

When I bought this ride, I had the option to upgrade my system, camera gear and sound equipment. Being a media student and a content creator, the latter seemed much more sensible, but for the first time, I took a decision with my heart and went for the bike.

Since that day, I knew I couldn’t just limit myself to stress relieving rides and within four months, I was off to explore the coastline of India. I covered almost 3000 kms and met great people on my journey, who I can now call family. My trip was complete with my work at Surfing India, at the Mantra Surf Club in Mulki, Karnataka.

When we take a decision with our heart, you’re not thinking very logically.

So instead of panicking with my decision, I gave it some time, went out, and experienced everything I’ve dreamed of.

Shouvik Bisai
Batch 2019