A Thrilling start to Batch 2022’s Cricket Campaign


The team from Batch 2022 started their cricket campaign with a wonderful victory over Batch 2024. The match in all its glory was exhilarating, to say the least. The match began with batch ‘22 winning the toss and opting to bowl. The first innings were opened by Sartaj Sekhon and Shivansh from Batch 2024, who led a valiant effort. They were restricted to a score of 70/6 in 10 overs. Batch ‘22 began the run chase aggressively with openers Aniket and Siddarth looking to find the fence. but were met with good bowling from ‘24 kept the run rate in check.

The nail-biting thriller between both teams kept the audiences on the edge of their seats, as even the Sayanta Sengupta, the captain from 2022 expressed, ”“My heart was in my mouth, I had no idea what was going on, the two run-outs made me believe that the match was over completely”.  Despite a moment of despair, the captain led his team to a splendid, last-minute victory as he ended the match with a 4 on the penultimate delivery.

Batch ‘22 held up their legacy and played wonderfully with Abhishek Anand’s impeccable bowling to Sayanta’s composed batting. The young Turks of Batch 2024 however mounted a stunning challenge, with unbelievable catches by Vaishak and ferocious bowling by Jai Khanna. 

There were a lot of moments that made the crowd exclaim with surprise, shock, and awe- we saw Sartaj Sekhon take a bouncer to his head but continue playing like a champ. Armaan Gupta took a daring dive on the uneven ground, while Mahika took a wicket on her first ball. Despite instances of confusion between batsmen from 2022 resulting in a few run-outs, the team managed to clinch a victory in their first game. 

Arpita Mehra
ITS Content Team
(Batch 2024)