A Passion for Wellness


The millennials and the Gen Zs are a funny bunch. With our penchant for exploring new beliefs and exposing ourselves to global ideas, we are perhaps the first generation which is normalizing and destigmatizing a lot of things. One such important issue is mental health and wellness. We have become acutely aware of mental health issues and its importance in our wellbeing. Millennials are more likely to approach therapy than previous generations as the stigma around mental health and therapy is dissolving.

While talking about our generation’s approach to mental health, we should also note its irony. Our generation is more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than previous generations, and a lot of times it is because of our romanticization of harmful habits. A 2018 study published in the Psychological Bulletin found that millennials are suffering from “multidimensional perfectionism” – we set unrealistically high goals and get hurt when we fall short of achieving them. As a generation we have romanticized we have romanticized harmful practices like hustle culture and burnouts.

Even though therapy and mental health is being normalized now, there is a lack of awareness about harmful practices and our overall well being.

Realizing this, two students from the graduating batch of 2020, Avdhi Bhalgat and Akshay Thimmaya started their wellness blog – You’re Doing Great (?). Their mission is to make wellness more accessible to the world around them. They aim to pass on what they know from their own struggles with wellness and to learn more along the process.

The journey of You’re Doing Great (?) began in the May of 2020 when the quarantine restrictions were at their peak and lockdown fatigue had started setting in. Avdhi and Akshay wanted to help out people in these challenging times and published their first few articles about wellness on the 17th of May 2020. Their dedication and passion has them going places! Recently, they conducted an intensive 12-day wellness programme with one of India’s largest Pharma companies.

Since then, they have wonderfully expanded the blog and explore various topics relating to wellness. The blog provides a holistic approach to wellness. You can read all about burnout to therapy and self discovery on the blog. They have tips on healthy habits and healthy eating. In the true spirit of all-round wellness they also offer fitness tips and workouts to keep you moving and healthy in this lazy, work from home environment. The blog also has four different collections- Music, Food, Fitness and Mental Health Resources to attend to all of your wellness needs. They recently hosted an online Colour and Chat session to help people unwind and relax and have a wonderful weekend!

You can find them on Instagram here and Facebook here . Follow them for updates and wellness tips. You can explore the blog here and browse through their wonderful repository of wellness tips and their amazing collections (do check out the Music Collection!).

These are testing times, take care of yourself.

You’re Doing Great!

Atharv Unhale
(Batch 2023)

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