A letter to Samidha



You were there with me whenever I needed you, you never refused to help anyone, always smiled and gladly would be up for doing something new and exciting. We had plans once of going out and exploring Pune, I’m so sorry I canceled. I don’t know why I feel so guilty.

You were there for me during one theatre play when I did not have anyone to sit with and you translated the whole play for me when I did not understand Marathi. You taught me that life is so much more and that the world is filled with little things that need to be appreciated more. I remember you telling me during a bus ride back to the hostel that you liked the Instagram page of thedelhiwala, I asked you why and you told me that he goes around taking photographs and clicks pictures of things that amuse him every day and that’s when I learned that there is joy in everything around us. It needs to just be observed and looked at more closely, you taught me that you need to just look around and perhaps everything around you is simply pretty. I cry as I write this but you taught me so much Samidha and you don’t have any idea, and that in a way hurts me. I remember every single conversation we had. Every single one was more precious than the next. I remember talking to you about ideas and planning beautiful things.

You will always be remembered and thank you, thank you for teaching me so much about life unknowingly by just existing. That is what made you so beautiful. You will always be in my heart and remembered. Lastly, thank you for teaching me to appreciate and to let people know the ways in which we care for them. I regret not letting you know all this. Thank you for teaching me to not do it any longer.

Thank you,

Sanjana.N.D (Batch 2020)