This moment redefined my position in the organisation, and made me proud that I had been able to convince my boss.


Children have always been dear to me. Thus, one of the best experiences I have had in college so far was my internship at Sneha Care Home – a residential care facility for HIV positive children.

It was a regular day at the workplace. I had signed the attendance register and was waiting for Mr. Francis to assign me the day’s task. He was busy with a guest, so I decided to consult Clera Ma’am and asked her if she needed any help with her department. She requested me to begin with the process of documentation of the psychosocial department.

The organisation I worked with had immense credibility and goodwill. Thus, during the course of my internship, on many occasions, esteemed benefactors would visit to celebrate special occasions in their lives, such as birthdays and retirements with the children. Sometimes, huge corporates would visit our campus, as part of their CSR initiatives. On that particular day, officials from Wipro had decided to pay a visit to us. Along with them, they had brought many goodies and treats, which they directly gave to the children. They too carried another carton with them, which consisted of blankets. Winter was here, and the kids needed as much warmth as they could get. In the organisation, it is Clera Ma’am’s responsibility to give the nod to gifts from donors, or make a choice between them. The earlier week, SCH had already received blankets from another individual donor. It was now Clera Ma’am’s decision to choose which blankets would go to the kids, and which would be given off to the neighbouring organisation for the physically and mentally handicapped.

To me, it seemed obvious. We’d keep the slightly thicker blankets for our kids at SCH, as their immunity is far lower than those of others. But some sort of confusion burdened Clera Ma’am. At this point, I thought she’d ask Francis Sir and close this matter. But to my shock and surprise, she asked me! That moment, for me, was priceless. I was no longer merely an intern. I had become almost like a part of the staff, where my opinion became one of value. I readily shared with ma’am my thought process and luckily for me, she wholeheartedly agreed. This moment redefined my position in the organisation and made me proud that I had been able to convince my boss that I too, was wholly involved in the betterment of the organisation. It was my moment of acceptance for which I could not be more grateful.

Article by : Aishwarya Anand Deshpande (Batch of 2018)

Photograph by : Panchsheel Gaikwad (Batch of 2019)