2023 Hai #Tayyar!


As ITS inches closer, 2023’s sports coordinators pour their hearts out.

Q.1.) Sports is back in SCMC after a break. How does it feel that ITS is happening?

Allen – Completely pumped about ITS happening. I mean ‘23 has been the online batch, right, so we’ve had nothing of an offline experience at all except for these past few months. ITS is something we have all been looking forward to since day one, and I know I am speaking for everyone in ‘23 when I say that we are just waiting to showcase our talent. Everyone in the batch has just been working hard. So, yes! Very excited that ITS is finally happening. I cannot wait!

Rajneesh – It feels great that ITS is happening in 2022. We didn’t expect it to happen. It’s a pleasant surprise, honestly. SCMC does have a strong sports culture, and we’re planning to revive it, right? Hoping this works out!

Aditi – I believe school and college life are incomplete without sports. Sports can bring all of us together, and it has been great to see our batch come together in the last few weeks to prepare for ITS. We’ve also connected with the other two batches. It has personally been a beautiful learning experience to see how people play and what they play. It’s been amazing, and I’m so glad that ITS is happening.


Q.2) What makes ITS 2022 special for you?

Allen – Well, ITS 2022 is our first ITS – for 2023. So, we are very excited to showcase our talent and let everyone notice 2023. As a batch, I think ITS 2022 will help us all come together. We see 2022, you know, rallying behind their batchmates, and that is something that we envy a lot. So, hopefully, ITS is the catalyst that brings us together and sparks something in our batch. So, yes, it is special in a lot of ways, and we just cannot wait for it to begin.

Rajneesh – What’s special about ITS 2022 are the people who are enthusiastically participating in several events despite having tight schedules and deadlines. Some players are willing to attend even two or three practices per day. You can feel the competitive spirit when you are in college.

Aditi – Just the fact that ITS is happening after two years is what makes it so special. I got elected as the Sports Coordinator about 2-3 weeks ago, and I’ve been working a lot since then. Despite all of this, the process has been really fun, and I’ve gotten to interact with so many other sportspersons.


Q.3) What do you think of your batch’s chances of winning the title?

Allen – Well, you know, I am not going to be the pessimistic one and put all my batchmates down before the tournament begins. All I will say is I believe in every person participating in ITS. They’ve toiled, you know, in the heat and in under a lot of pressure during assignment season as well. So, I have complete faith that you know all the people participating will give their 100%. Whether we win or lose, it is something that we will have to see, but yes 2023 is not to be taken lightly for sure. So, everyone else, watch out!

Rajneesh – I think we have a great chance at winning because most team members have been showing up consistently for practices.

Aditi – It’ll be an honour to win ITS. All of us have put in a lot of effort, and it’s so nice to see SCMC students on the sports grounds at any given point in time. We’re good, and we’re very talented. All we need to do is bring it to life.


Q.4.) You are making your ITS debut in the second year. How does it feel?

Allen – Yeah, it’s weird, right? Second years are making their debut. Doesn’t have like a good ring to it, but yeah, it feels alien. It feels like we are in uncharted territory. But we cannot wait to begin with ITS and soak in the experience and the atmosphere. Three days on the field will just fly away, but those three days are going to be such a great experience. I cannot wait for it to begin. So yeah, just pumped and excited.

Rajneesh – At first, it felt weird because we have never done this before. Organizing everything, even with the help of third years, is a little overwhelming. But gradually, as we settled in, it got comfortable. We didn’t take a lot of time to settle in. It’s streamlined now!

Aditi– Making a debut is something that is special to everyone. And this is the first time I’m representing our batch, so yes, this is gonna be so so special. Doing it in the second year, to me, is gonna be just as special as it would have been in the first year cause at the end of the day, I’ll be representing my batch – and in different sports. With the amount of effort, our batch has put in over the past week or so, I hope we do as well as we can and win ITS.


Q.5) Will Batch 2023 fire up its spirit and soar high in this ITS?

Allen – As a sports coordinator, it just makes me so proud to see everyone in the batch who is participating do it with such heart and full dedication. I am 200% sure that ‘23 will soar high in ITS. I am going to go as far as saying, “Watch out, everyone, because ’23 is coming for you!”

Rajneesh – Oh yeah! I genuinely think that ’23 is going to put everything they have in ITS. It’s the last competitive event of this year, and we must get this right. We have to win!

Aditi– Yes! For sure. I have honestly never seen ’23 this fired up in my time in college. And it is a pleasure to watch and be a part of. Representing your batch is something I guess everyone finds special, so I’m sure everyone is gonna perform to the best of their ability to make sure we win ITS.

ITS Content Team
(Batch 2023)