ITS ’20: Batch 2022 Brimming with Confidence

They may be the newbies at SCMC, up against two-time champions 2020 and last year’s close runners-up 2021, but Batch 2022 are not one to be intimidated. Vaishali Patra and Yukta Patwardhan talk to Sports Coordinators Tanaya Morye, Sayanta Sengupta and Mahika Bibiyan who say the ’22 teams are raring to go.

 What does ITS mean to you?

Mahika – Like what does Diwali mean to you when you go home, you know? That’s sort of ITS for us. Some of the people who are introverts in class are extroverts on the ground and it will be great to see that. I guess In True Spirit is like a batch gathering which is going to show us what sports really means to us and how it brings us all together.

Sayanta – I feel that ITS provides a golden opportunity to a lot of people to cement their names in SCMC history. This gives them a platform to create an identity for themselves outside the classroom.

Tanaya – And the hype that the seniors have created for ITS is just getting our spirits up, can’t wait!

How are the preparations coming along?

Tanaya – Since college started, we have been practicing all the sports. From lawn tennis to volleyball – everything, so I guess preparations are going well?

Mahika – Yeah, the preparations for ITS, especially because it’s the first SCMC exclusive sports event, are obviously at the top of their game. The seniors have really brought out the spark in us as well.

Sayanta – So far so good – we’ve started preparations for all sports. So far, it’s going well, but with the passage of time, things will get even better.

As coordinators, how are you helping your team put their best foot forward?

Mahika – I guess being a sports coordinator does not mean that whatever sport you just take care of the sport you’re playing. We haven’t put a particular sport on a pedestal and we’ve made sure to put them at equal footing. All the captains are working hard into making sure that we give a good fight.

Tanaya – We are also ensuring that proper equipment is available, courts are booked and everything runs smoothly.

Sayanta – We’re giving equal opportunities to everyone; we’re making sure that there is a fair selection process. Plus, we’re really making sure that they do a good job.

How are you motivating your batch?

Mahika – I think we’re very motivated already! I think everyone’s pumped. And we’re just ensuring that all of them get enough time to practice. We’re making sure that the timings don’t clash, because a lot of students are participating in multiple sports.

Do you think that you have the firepower take on the batches of 2021 and 2020?

Mahika – I think it’s going to be a great competition to watch and to play, both. However, nothing can be said as of now because we don’t know how good the senior teams are.

Tanaya – We haven’t played against the seniors yet. But yes, 2022 is up to the task. We’re ready to give it all we have.

Sayanta – Obviously, the seniors more experienced than us. But if we stick to the basics, get all our priorities right and grab all the opportunities with both hands, then I think we can give them a good fight.

Which team in your batch do you think will pose a bigger challenge?

Sayanta – I think we’ve got a good chance at cricket, table tennis and tennis because we’ve got a bunch of players who have their basics right.

Which batch do you think will be a tougher opposition?

Tanaya – Of course, it’s 2020, they’ve been winning for the past two years. So that’s kind of the biggest challenge.

Mahika –  Since 2020 is leaving next year and this will be their last ITS, they would want to leave a legacy of their own.

Vaishali Patra & Yukta Patwardhan
(Batch 2022)