ITS ’20: 2021 Holding Their Cards Close to The Chest

As the ITS 2020 competitions heat up, Batch 2021 is looking to upset the 2020 apple cart, something they came close to doing last year. Aryaman Padhee and Rupali Tripathy had a chat with Batch 21 Sports Coordinators Srijan Chakrabarty, Riya Rohatgi and Jainil Shastri about their chances of ousting the defending champions this time.

What does ITS mean to you?

Srijan– It means unity, it means diversity. It represents the spirit of the batch. Everyone’s like it’s ITS, it’s just sports with your friends, but it is more than that.

Riya- The point is that we were all new to each other and ITS brought us all together. I feel, we bonded with our batch and that’s because of ITS. It was then we really connected with each other.

Is your last year’s performance playing a role in your preparation?

Jainil–  Definitely. I think I did well for my batch. It gave me confidence and an opportunity to play new sports. For example, tennis is a sport I played for the first time, and I got a chance to represent my batch in the sport. Everyone had the opportunity of play for the batch. We performed well. In the end, it was just two points that separated us from winning. Nonetheless, it was definitely a great performance. And I am excited for the competition.         –

How are the preparations coming along?

Srijan- Everyone’s practicing. With just days left, ITS is going to be competitive and fun.
Everybody’s preparing hard. We practice early in the morning and in the evening. The girls are playing in the morning at seven AM. Football practice is scheduled for the evenings. All of us are trying to give our best performance.

As a coordinator, how are you helping your team to place their best foot forward?

Riya– It won’t just happen because I’m a sport co-ordinator. Sports does that to you. When we play, every one of us wants that the team to do its best. Everyone motivates each other. Coming to practice on time. Running a few extra rounds or even sharing a few light-hearted moments. And when it happens together, we move forward.

Srijan- I guess, being a coordinator, all I can do is to encourage them to play whenever they can. I myself am playing quite a lot of sports. Despite the heavy workloads and hectic schedules people are coming for practices. All they need to do is get out and play. I need to make sure if they need help or a specific facility like if they need a court, I should be able to arrange that for the good of the team.                                                                                                                  
Which of the teams do you think would give a tougher challenge?

Jainil– I guess, the volleyball team of the second years. We’ve amazing national players. And first years as well, as most of them were a crucial part of the SIU team tournaments, making them harder to beat. So, volleyball would be where we’ll have good competition.
Srijan– Both the second years and third years have been skeptical about the first years’ performance, and they keep surprising us over and over. Jainil was the fastest we’ve ever seen, and Punya comes along, and could probably beat him. The cricket team is strong. The football team is good. I think first years will be a tougher challenge. And as for third year, we’ve got an idea of their strengths and weaknesses.                                                                                                                     –

Aryaman Padhee & Rupali Tripathy
(Batch 2022)