Decoding economics with Ashish Kulkarni

Dr Ashish Kulkarni, who often conducts lectures at SCMC, is known among students for his no-frills method of explaining economics and relatable examples, making his classes the most memorable.

At The Fat Labrador Café, Dr Kulkarni held a talk on economics and what economists do.

The talk explored various principles The talk explored various principles of economics, how they play a role in people’s lives and how one contributes to the economy. The principles discussed were incentives, how nothing is really free, discussions on trade and cost, the importance of information and how externalities matter. He touched upon examples in history, social media, politics and everyday life which helped paint a clearer picture of these principles.

He made what would otherwise be complex topics, easier to understand. He also cleared audiences’ doubts to help them understand these concepts better.

Later Dr Kulkarni stressed on what today’s world looks like, why it is the way it is and how it can be made better, from an economist’s perspective.

To explain further, he opened a learning tool Gapminder, which never fails to astound an audience, and proceeded to compare the different countries on the chart.

He also focused on India’s economy since the early 1800s and how various events in history affected it over time.

Mignon Mascarenhas
Batch 2019