New Beginnings and New Perspectives


Milinda Natu’s classes were always different from the ordinary chalk and talk. It was her classes where I became a creator

The day I received my acceptance letter, I felt as if I have achieved a milestone in my education. However, the real milestones would actually be achieved after having experienced the student life at SCMC, one-sixth of which I did in the first semester.

Prior to the beginning of the semester while viewing the courses we were going to study, most of them were something I had an idea about but there was one course that caught my eye and had proven to be my favorite course through the semester, called “Introduction to Aesthetics and Visual Communication”. We were asked to get an onion, a blank sheet and crayons to class for the first class and everyone was equally clueless and curious about what the purpose behind this was. Professor Milinda Natu, the teacher for this course, gave us an activity to be done in pairs where we had to write from the perspective of an onion and make it a metaphor for different things. Thinking metaphorically and writing have been something that I never believed to be my cup of tea. However, while doing this activity, my creative juices started flowing and I was surprised at my own abilities. I found out that if I tried enough, I could come up with great ideas.

Milinda Natu’s classes were always different from the ordinary chalk and talk. Every class of hers would give us a new perspective towards everything and I felt that in the entire process I started seeing the world with a new lens. In class, she would showcase the different means of visual communication such as paintings, photographs and videos and would leave us to interpret them the way we wanted. This was unlike school where we were expected to think in only one direction. She would give us assignments where there were no limits to what and how visual art could be created. It was her classes where I became a creator.

Ma’am would not just show us what was critically acclaimed throughout the history of arts but she would even show us things that would appeal to our generation. There were times when we would see Van Gogh and Da Vinci’s paintings to study, and there were also times when we’d watch Lady Gaga and Coldplay’s music videos for their visual effects. Our Professor exposed us to a myriad of art forms. In fact, she made us appreciate even the most conventional things from an artistic perspective.

SCMC was where each and every class would give a new perspective not just towards the world, but also towards oneself. I found the freedom to be creative and express myself in the simplest yet the most powerful ways. After having completed a semester at SCMC, I feel that I have achieved another milestone of gaining an understanding about how I can use myself to contribute to this world.

Gunjan Hariramani (Batch 2020)
Aditya Sinha (Batch 2019)