A Skyful of Freedom

Guneet Kaur Quests South Africa’s sky blossomed from an ultra mine bud to an azure coloured wildflower. It definitely signalled me towards a bright change, but the …


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Imana Bhattacharya, Batch 2019 summarises the lecture held on ‘Agrarian Crisis’ by Prof. R Ramakumar of TISS.
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40% of agricultural loans in India by Private Banks are given out in March whereas the farming season in India starts around June. So, who exactly are the recipients of these loans? Do the poor farmers of India get any loans at all from private banks?
Baffled yet? So were the 1st year students of SCMC when
Prof. R Ramakumar from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai made them realise how little they knew about the Agrarian crisis going on in the country. Sir started elaborating upon the topic of agriculture by giving us a background of the
history of all the events that have led up to the Agrarian crisis we are facing at the moment in our country. From the pre independence Zamindari system of lands to the Green Revolution, Sir helped us realize the implications of each of these phases on our agricultural growth. In very simple terms
he drew a picture of the economics behind all this. He also explained what the land reform is all about and what its significance is. Sir wrapped up the discussion on a thought
provoking note by remarking, "We are all living in a world of enormous inequalities."

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Deepti Chadha, Batch 2019 on what it felt like to make her first film:
I believe film making is the most collaborative form of art that is out there. The entire process of making my first short film was beyond overwhelming but it was worth it. Right from auditions to finalising the cast; from getting permissions to getting the equipment- the journey was full of ups
and downs but I would do it all over again! "Solution" will always be my first child. It's about anger management, which turns out very differently. There was a lot to learn from the process of making this film, that will reflect in my other films in the future

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“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” - Ansel Adams
This picture by Rohan Shiv, Batch 2018 is another breath taking addition to our Instagram handle!

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Going back in time to one of the best films made by Abhash Singh, Batch 2016 starring Sahil Punyani and Tanvi Agarwal!


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"And once bathed in realisations of all kinds; it's good to decorate your soul with art."
#charcoal #art

Yogyata Arun Joshi, Batch 2019 puts on
paper, bits of her soul!

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